Automated Front Desk System

Self Check-in Kiosk - Hotel guests no longer need to worry about confusing procedures or waiting in line for counter service

Increased Your Revenue Opportunities

More often than not, customers are likely to use a self-check-in kiosk, as they can use it at any convenient hour. Guests will choose a calm and comfortable moment to register themselves. Thus, the self-check-in system will be able to get their complete attention when they are checking themselves in. It is a great opportunity for up-selling other products and services.

No Waiting Line

A self-service kiosk, on the other hand, allows guests to check-in in a hassle-free and highly convenient manner. Usually, these kiosks have an intuitive design, clear typeface, and simple commands, making it very quick and easy to complete the check-in process.

Digital tools for any kind of hospitality accommodation to automatize guest check-in

Minimize personal contact between people

" Released manpower, man is more efficient "

Match the requirements of hotel operation in order to solve problems caused by the need to allocate too many resource to repetitive tasks

What Kiosk can do ?

Face Recognition

Be able to recognize the face for hotel guest

Accept Credit cart / Debit cart

Cashless environment for room charge & deposit

Self Check-out

Hotel Guest are able to do self check-out themselves

Comparison of Traditional vs Automated Front Desk System

Traditional´╝ÜCheck In more than 10 min

Automated Front Desk System´╝ÜCheck In less than 2 min