Hotel Loyalty/Membership Program

How to Increase Profits by Focusing on Customer Retention Strategies ?

Increasing customer retention rates by 5%

Increases profits by 25% to 95%

High Retention Cheaper than Acquistion

  • Customer who have made multiple purchases with a brand have a higher add-to-cart and conversion rate than new shoppers

  • These customers also generate more than six times the revenue per session than new shopers

Benefits of Our Loyalty Program


Research indicates that 73% member is more likely to recommend

Merchant Alliance

Participate in our consortium and partner with other merchants to give exclusive offers & privileges to your member

Boost Revenue & Marketing ROI

Motivated increased spending from one loyal repeat customer is much easier than motivating infrequent customers to spend anything at all

Customer Retention

Build stronger relations with your audience and increase customer satisfaction

Relevant Customer Data & Trends

Profiling the best customers & tailoring their offerings to specific groups of customers

Better Customer Communication

Improving customer engagement on announcing new products and promoting sales

Reducing Unprofitable Customer

Segment customer and discover profitable unprofitable customer

Introducing C3 Platform


Digital Loyalty

Get more repeat customers purchase with your very own rewards and increase your business revenue

Push Message

Connect with your customers by sending them birthday promotions or the latest deals

Useful Analytics

Gain valuable insights on how many new customers you have gained, who are your regular customers and much more

Our Rewards Mechanism

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