Hotel Management Software

All the tools you need to streamline your hotel’s daily operations:

1. Reservation Center
Check Availability Reservation Management
  • Beautifully Intuitive Interface
  • Rate and Room Availability
  • Search Reservation
  • Guest and company profile management
  • Best Rate Management
  • Cancellation / No show
  • Release Reservation Policy
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Reservation worth minimum Inputs
  • Instant Multiple Bookings
  • Room or room type Booking
2. Front Desk Operation
Room Allotments Check-in Check-Out Registration Card and E-Signature Group Management
  • Room Allocation as per Preference
  • Best occupancy level Allocation
  • Configure Chargers
  • Generate Electronic Card Key
  • Guest Notifications
  • Internal Notification
  • Bar or Unbar Phones
  • Share Information with Third Party Software
  • Early Check-in Charges
  • Live Inventory Update
  • Black Listed Guest Alerts
  • Day-Use Charge
  • Late Check-Out Fee
  • Guest Billing
  • Payment Modes
  • Folio Transfer
  • Redeem Loyalty Points
  • Check Point
  • Gate Pass Printing
  • Automated Feedback Form
  • Alerts for Housekeeping
  • Real Time inventory Update
  • Group Booking / Reservations
  • Group Check-Out
3. Profile Management
Guest Profile Company Profile Business Source Profile Travel Agent Profile
4. Rate Management
Linear / Non Linear Rates Rates Inclusive / Exclusive Tax Seasonal Rates
5. Revenue Management
Yield Management Special Rates for Business Source and Travel Agents
6. Back Office Operations
User Roles and Access Rights Night Audit Shift and Cash Management Receivables / Payable
7. In House Opeartions
House Keeping Payroll Management Maintenance Module
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Maid management
  • Employee Management
  • Time / Attendance Management
  • Loan / Advance


8. Event Management
Quotation / Invoices
9. Taxes
Exclusive / inclusive Charges Tax Slabs
10. Charges
Room Charges Extra Charges Transfer from POS Transfer from Telephone System (PABX) Transfer from Internet Billing System Charges from Pay-out Voucher
11. Folio and Vouchers
Versatile Folio Split Folio Folio Transfer Group / Event Folios Multi-Currency Support
12. Online Distribution
Online Booking Engine Channel Manager
13. Other Services
Laundry Minibar Lost and Found Currency Exchange
14. Integration & Self Check-In Kiosk